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The International Institute of Integral Sciences (IIIHS) 
and the Spiritual Science Fellowship.
"Re-enchantment through Integration of Spiritual Experience & Modern Scientific Knowledge"
 “With wit and wisdom, [he] leads us to

rediscover the more paganistic and pantheistic

mysteries underlying the ancient Hebrew

tradition. He renders user-friendly the

more cryptic teachings of lesser-known

Kabbalistic source texts and oral traditions

in order to inspire and inform our lives.”

—Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Spontaneous Healing

and Eating Well for Optimum Health



“His brilliance shines a light on the

buried shamanic practices of Judaism.” 

 -- Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval


"There’s an old Native American saying:

‘If it doesn’t grow corn, what good is it?’

Gershon Winkler grows corn. He celebrates

the wind. He is the friend of Spider, Magpie,

and Lizard. He lives with storms. With the

crash of lightning. With rainbows. He is a

Laughing Buddha and a Coyote Trickster."

-- David Carson, Choctaw Elder and Pipe Carrier;

Author of Crossing into Medicine Country; co-author

of Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through

the Ways of Animals, and Oracle 2012


“His refreshing translations of Biblical passages

restore an elemental force to the Hebrew.”

-- London Jewish Chronicle

“Transmitting the complexity of the Jewish shamanic healing tradition requires teachers who are exceptionally grounded in the tradition and themselves as individuals.  They must intellectually and emotionally engage with the material and their students. Rabbis Gershon Winkler and Miriam Maron provide a safe, welcoming learning community in their program, allowing any student the ability to connect and integrate this ancient healing system from a variety of perspectives. The program, along with Miriam and Gershon’s warmth, humor and wisdom, is unparalleled, and I highly recommend it.”

              - Avram Rubin, M.A., Ph.D.
 Psychotherapist, Sexologist, Anthropologist
Fellow, American Psychotherapy Association
Fellow, American Association of Experts in Trauma
Diplomate, American Board of Sexology
Diplomate, American Counseling Association

"The first session of the Jewish shamanic healing training was inspiring, affirming, fun, educational and filled with love for the earth, elohai, and community.  The high I felt from that time in CA carried me for weeks and is still there, bubbling beneath the surface, providing solace and motivation to me.  Miriam & Gershon are true glittering gems, generous of spirit, gifted teachers and healers and extremely knowledgeable - the real deal!  I can't wait for the next training session!"

--- Sha'ari Garfinkel, MSW, LCSW (NC), LICSW (WA), MT-BC, FAMI , Seattle, WA 
Sound Healer, Musician, Clinical Social Worker, Music Therapist"

“Having greatly enjoyed studying (in person with Miriam, through astrological readings) and davening with Miriam and Gershon over many years, I had long wanted to delve deeply into the shamanic teachings and practices of Judaism with them. My anticipation was surpassed, as I gathered for a week with an open, sincere, like-minded community of Jews in the beautiful setting of Brandeis Bardin. I felt completely nourished on all levels by both the teachings, which were then integrated into shamanic practices through chanting, song, movement, ceremony, healing ritual, etc., and the interactions with my fellow participants and our teachers. Healing of personal issues was integrated into the teaching and I was able to take away information and practices that I could immediately incorporate into the healing circles that I lead. It was a blessing to leave knowing that this holy community would continue to meet over the next 2 years for these Jewish Shamanic Healing Retreats.

-- AriellaShira, Covina, CA

"Miriam and Gershon are extraordinary teachers. Their wealth of knowledge and general wisdom about all things Jewish, mystical and magical,  outweigh all the teachings in my yeshiva and post-yeshiva life. The training is teaching me what it truly means to be a Jew and a Jewish healer in the realm of my work as a psychotherapist."
-- Betty Jampel, MSW, Maplewood, NJ

“In the Jewish Shamanic Healing (JSH) program you will be introduced to the healing powers of all that is around us as well as the use of rituals and techniques from the perspective of Jewish oral and written traditions. The information is presented in such a way that it affects not only your intellect and emotions, but more importantly your spirit. Over the course of JSH, I experienced enormous spiritual growth, including how it impacts my massage practice and my healing capabilities. JSH is so important to my life that I am repeating it: to learn/experience more, and to truly integrate it all within my entire being. Thus, I will be enhancing the healings I channel (All healings come from G!d; I am only the instrument.), and I can see a shift occurring in the direction these healings will take.” 
-- Chana bat Malka/Karen J. P. Binney, MBA, CMT, LLCC, Charlottesville, VA

“One week into the four-week Jewish Shamanic Healing program, and I can't wait for more.  I am already integrating what I've learned from Rabbis Gershon and Miriam into my healing practice and am noticing a huge difference.  I feel more creative and more connected than ever to my clients and to the Ultimate Source of healing.   Miriam and Gershon are a total joy to learn from, and work their magic on every level--musical, intellectual, physical, and spiritual.  I never knew that stories could have such healing power.  My clients, my loved one, and I are all reaping the benefits of my learning, big time.” 
-- Janet King, Laurel, MD

“Miriam and Gershon share their immense spiritual knowledge with great humor, grace and creativity.  The chants and movements I have learned from Miriam have allowed me to integrate her teachings within every cell of my being.  Their work is truly extraordinary.  It has touched my soul at a very deep level and has profoundly transformed my life.”
-- Florence DuPont, New York, NY


“The journey of healing pain and suffering requires two people, the client (traveler) and the healer (guide). The traveler needs the guide to facilitate the journey towards a state of robust health. The experienced guide helps the client negotiate all aspects of the healing journey, most importantly the insurmountable hurdles and obstacles that often block the process. Rabbi Miriam Maron is an incomparable healer who embodies the capacities, skills, and knowledge requisite of a shamanic master. Her humor, insight, and singing will soothe all your heartaches away. I urge you to allow Rabbi Miriam to be your shamanic guide, facilitating your journey toward a more wholesome and truthful Self.”

-- Avram Rubin, M.A., Ph.D.
Psychotherapist, Sexologist, Anthropologist
Fellow, American Psychotherapy Association
Fellow, American Association of Experts in Trauma
Diplomate, American Board of Sexology
Diplomate, American Counseling Association

"One healing session with Miriam took me deep, deep, deep into the heart of what's troubled me all my life.  I came wanting to know what secrets my body was hiding from me, and, after an incredible journey into my mother's past life, now I know!  I feel like I've recovered a huge piece of my soul and now understand in a way I never did before, what it  really means to ‘choose life’.  Miriam is incredibly gentle, wise, and intuitive, and her healing sessions are a true team effort." 

-- JGK, Maryland

"Sessions with Miriam, both in person and by distance, have been invaluable to me. The sense of wellness and wholeness I have been feeling, even weeks and months after her sessions, has brought me great peace."
        -- Betty Jampel, MSW
Maplewood, NJ

“I have had about 10 healing sessions with Miriam, most of which were for 1.5 or 2 hours. Each one has been powerful in its own right. I have experienced physical healings, emotional healings, spiritual healings, and spiritual growth. I entered each session with specific conscious needs and desires which are addressed. Additionally, the healing sessions worked more importantly on other significant soul-level needs, for which I am extremely grateful. Some of the most powerful sessions have been cooperative healings, where I actually am moved to be actively involved. As a healer myself (massage therapist), Miriam's healings have resulted in greatly enhancing my own healing capabilities.”

-- Chana bat Malka/Karen J. P. Binney, MBA, CMT, LLCC,

Charlottesville, VA


“I had a couple of readings from Miriam in late 1996. I have reread them several times over the years and they still hold true. While my personal situations have been different each time I read them, the guidance provided in the readings is still applicable as they pertain to the inner self and spirit, and how to deal with/react to any situation. I know I will be able to benefit from these readings for the rest of my life.”
     -- Chana bat Malka/Karen J. P. Binney, MBA, CMT, LLCC,
Charlottesville, VA


“With her beautiful songs and her gorgeous spirit, Rabbi Miriam Maron delivers potent spiritual nourishment to the awakening heart, through a timely combination of ancient and contemporary wisdom, in her unending love affair with Love itself. I consider it to have been a rare privilege to have witnessed her unique and radiant brilliance.”
-- Brent Rowlett, Louisiana

“I began a search for new meditation music because the music I was using no longer inspired me.  I searched online for literally days, and not finding anything that worked for me, I decided to investigate specifically Jewish meditation music, and eventually came upon Miriam's recordings.  I wanted something that sounded familiar and yet ethereal and transporting.  I wanted it to be long enough that it would sustain an extended period of meditation. [Her CD] Surrender completely fit the bill. Every day I look forward to the time that I can listen to  Miriam's voice and music and through it, to myself.”
-- Carol B., Waquoit, MA

"When I read Miriam's article (in Tikkun) I ripped it out of the magazine to share with others. Then I wrote to thank this sister in the Big Dance of Life. Her wisdom and practice ring true with everything I know. Her articulation as a spiritual teacher is rare among dancers and greatly needed."
-- Cynthia Winton-Henry, Co-founder of InterPlay

"Miriam's music has been inspirational and a great source of comfort and joy. Her voice resonates with the heavens. When I am feeling challenged by my life, I need only put on Angelsong  and I am uplifted and guided by the promises of the angels."   

-- Betty Jampel, LCSW, Maplewood, NJ