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The Invitation takes us on an in-depth exploration of ancient Jewish mystery wisdom around the interplay of Life and Death and the sacred bond shared by both. Death, in the Judaic belief system is not considered the end of Life but rather yet one more of many rebirths into myriad realities unknowable to us until we get there. The drama of death and dying is then seen more in the context of an invitation we can only call “The Next.” The quality with which we endow our lives in the here-and-now largely determines the quality and ease with which we might take that step when the invitation arrives. The Invitation introduces us to rare, inspiring and thought-provoking teachings from ancient and early-medieval Hebraic and Aramaic source texts about two of the most elusive themes with which most of us grapple daily – Life and Death -- wisdom that will help us to let go of the dread of Death while becoming more welcoming of the gift of Life.

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The Invitation

“A fascinating book…a must-read for all who want to deepen their relationship with life and living…I regard this work as an important resource, one-of-a-kind in its genre, and a refreshing wellspring of pragmatic wisdom.”  Andrew Weil, MD, Best-Selling Author of Spontaneous Healing, and Healthy Aging

“A great book. A rich broth of the deep understanding of the mystery of life…A kind of ‘Jewish Book of the Dead,’ like the Egyptian and Tibetan ‘Book of the Dead,’ but more timely and understandable.” -- David Carson, co-author of the Best-Selling Medicine Cards: Discovering Power through the Ways of Animals 

“…A spellbinding, magical mystery tour of Talmudic and Shamanic wisdom” -- --Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., author of The Dancing Healers and The Theft of the Spirit

“Winkler and Maron metamorphose complex concepts into song whose rhythm and melody become nearly hypnotic. They take the inexplicable, give it meaning, and return it again to delicious mystery. They metamorphose complex concepts into song whose rhythm and melody become nearly hypnotic, and then give us a story from the rabbis, the Torah, or the shamans, so we understand what it is we have been dancing to. They give us new ways of seeing that excite and incite to new ways of living. And dying.” -- Anna Redsand, author of To Drink from the Silver Cup: From Faith through Exile and Beyond and Viktor Frankl: A Life worth Living (awarded New York Times Best Book for Teens, and School Librarians International Book Award)

The Invitation: Living a Meaningful Death

Ancient Jewish teachings about Death and Dying and their lessons for enriching and deepening the quality of Living

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